Photos from 31/1.

Big shed, outside:

......and inside:

SRB nose cones, ready to stack for the last ever Shuttle flight

And the external tank (ET), up high in High Bay 1 hidden in the scaffolding, being readied to stack

They'll all stack on here, Mobile Launch Platform 3 (MLP-3), in High Bay 4

Now all we need is an Orbiter, specifically OV-104, Atlantis, being readied in Orbiter Processing Facility 1 (OPF-1)

"Will this fit as carry-on baggage.....?

Stacked, rolled out and ready to go: STS-134 @ LC-39A. And OV-105 (Endeavour) hiding from the rain behind the Rotating Service Structure!

And, saving the best to last: the Old Lady herself.

With 150 million miles on the clock, OV-103 (Discovery), being readied for post-retirement display, most likely at the Smithsonian, in Washington DC.......