Photos from 1/4.

KSC Rocket garden. Note the improved weather!

Saved for posterity, and the domain of Chris Kraft, Gene Krantz and the rest of the early Flight teams, the original Mercury programme Mission Control room

Cape Canaveral: Then and Now tour....

Launch Control, version 1: used to launch the first US satellite from LC-26

LC-26 Blockhouse

And version 2, at LC-5/6. The panel with the red arrow is the very control console used to launch Alan Shepherd and Freedom 7 - America's first astronaut.

And the view from the blockhouse to the pad

A few other bits at the LC-26 Complex Museum. First up, the old Range Safety console.....

The original Gemini White Room, from LC-19. Evey Gemini astronaut got into the capsule from in here...

Slightly more up to date; the Delta pads (LC-17 A and B) used to launch, amongst other things, the Mars rovers

Mercury memorial at Lc-14, the launch site of the John Glenn, on the first orbital flight. No photos of the pad allowed; it's now an active military launch site.

And, the bit I really wanted to see; the sombre site of LC-34