Photos from the Mojave desert...

As per last time......a bit of a quiz for you. CJ should get some of these, I expect great things from Uncle Pete again.......

Nice one to start, for Charlie. Who is this cheeky chappie, and what's the significance?

Less straightforward. At one point, entry to this building required the highest level of security clearance in the continental USA. Why?

And next door, what engineering marvel underwent final assembly in here?

The above was also part-built in here, along with two other aeronautical masterpeices. Name them.

And one of them was also built in here...which one?

What's this, and why did it warrant a detour once I discovered where it was last Sunday?

Out here in the scrub, lies an abandoned and burnt out ranch. So why is it worth a mention?

Next up, what's this on the side of a big hill?

So, I saw 4 of these today. What's special about this one?

Why has this wing got a chunk out of it. And therefore, Mr Stewart, what's it's tailcode?

And what does this mean, painted on the side?

And lastly, who was Pete Knight, and why is he famous?