Photos from Dayton, 30-03-2012, part 4; last lot!

Into the Cold War galleries, with some funky stuff I've not seen before.

The rather large and splendid B2 Spirit.


Boeing unmammed UAV protoype

F22 Raptor

Question for Charile; what's odd about this Boing Peacemaker? Answer further down.....

One for Gary; MH-53 PaveLow

AC-130 Gunship

And another view of the Peacemaker; did you get that the engines are the wrong way around?

Two oddities: first, a gondola from the highest ever parachute jump. Imagine stepping off this at 102,000 feet up?

And an early NASA idea for getting around in space, a jet sled, soon abandoned as not a good idea!

A view of the gallery at large:

and a Dragon Lady, i.e a U-2

Nose art from the EC-135 "Bierd of Prey" reconnaisance aircraft

And finally, the C-141 Starlifter; famous for two reasons, i) the was the last Starlifter in active service and ii) it;'s the Hanoi Taxi, the first aircraft into Hanoi to pring back POWs from the Vietnam War....

That's about it; hope you enjoyed them"!