Photos from Dayton, 30-03-2012, part 3

WWII galleries

Lovely old wooden, British Mosquito...

B17 flying fortress

Hilfe! Hilfe! Mien flugzeug ist kaputt!

Scary noseart! A-20G Havoc

And the 'plane credited with ending WWII. Or vapourising 100,000 innocent citizens of Nagasaki. Depends on yuor viewpoint, really. Anyway, Bockscar, B-29 Superfortress.

And one last one from WWII, C-47D Skytrain

Couple from the Vietnam/Korean war era

Nice of them to put on entertainment for my arrival. And a C-124 Globemaster.

Stange dual-rotored helicopter. No idea how this actually works without shredding itself!

More B-29 nose art

and an F-105 with happy aircrew and ground crew. Jolly nice!

Off out to tea now. Probably one more set to come......