Photos from Dayton, 30-03-2012, part 2

R&D galleries; a mix of rarities....

First up, not a Harrier. A Kestrel; early prototype improved to become the Harrier

Yes, this really is a plane. Even if it looks a bit odd.

The Valkyrie. The only one in existence. I thought the TSR-2 was big, but this is about the length of a 737!

and with an F23 prototype to keep it company.

Early VTOL aircraft. It really did launch like this. Straight up. And landed straight back down again. Funnily enough, it didn't catch on.

Not a Blackbird; a YF-12 prototype and, in front, a remote control drone.

Presidential Galleries

SAM26000; the original Air Force One, and the plane JFK went to Dallas on. And where LBJ was sworn in, just slightly afterwards.

SAM26000 flight deck

Comfy chair, Mr President?

Early years gallery.

Sort-of, almost original-ish Wright 1909 flyer.

"I say, chaps! What's Jerry doing, upside down over there??"

The US Air Force learns ealy on that take off AND landing should be taught in the same lesson....

Another Brit plane sneaks in there......

Lunch break over; back to work. Maybe more later on.....