So, Peter asked for another annual quiz. Not wanting to disappoint, it is time to..... Hunt(sville) for the answer...!

So, first, why was I rather pleased to get my hands on the original copy of this document?

Objects quiz time - can you identify this?

And this...?

Name, please?

On to buildings - who lived in a house like this - in fact, this very house?

Peter, particlarly - which building, and what went on here...

And what was designed here?

Next one is clearly an observatory - no points there; what makes it unique?

More objects. First one is fairly straightforward?

This one less so.....

Sitting in the middle of a garden - what is this?

And what was this used for?

Lastly - what is the significance here...?

There might be a further update to the quiz, depending what I find tomorrow....but for now a last thought.... This S-1B sits on original pad hardware....

...accompanied by this sign...

Now wondering what happens if they want them back... :o)